Are you ready to BURN your Core+Triceps?

Strengthen, tone and BURN your core and triceps for 10 minutes each day for 7 days... a perfect complement post-jog or to wake yourself up in the morning!


LDK's Virtual Online Core+Tricep Burner

Core+Tricep Burner is designed to wake up body parts that stabilize our daily functional movements: our core holds us steady and provides a confident posture; our triceps stabilize our shoulders and upper body.

Let’s get after it!

LDK’s Core+Tricep Burner

  • Fits into your daily routine
    • Burn for 10 minutes each day for 7 days 
  • Energizes your body and mind 
    • Challenge yourself and feel accomplished
  • Complement your current workout
  • Or ...jumpstart your goal to get moving!
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Core+Tricep Burner Bonuses:

Core+Tricep Burner Inside Scoop:

  • Engages large and small muscle groups so you feel    TOASTY and TONED!
  • Utilizes music and choreography to keep you             MOVING and MOTIVATED!
  • Includes a Daily Accountability Checklist to                         KEEP YOU ON TRACK!
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Additional LDK Bonuses for C+T students…

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Stay accountable each day by checking off your daily training on your C+T Daily Accountability Checklist.

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C+T Burner is for YOU

Do you need a little jumpstart first thing in the morning? Maybe during your lunch break at home? Or even a little extra kick at the end of your evening jog?

At 10 minutes per training, C+T can energize and challenge you no matter what time of day. Give your Core+Triceps the burn they need to feel strong and lovely.

Fits into your daily routine and NO equipment required.

Let’s get burning!

Coach Katy

Why core and triceps???

Your core consists of more than just your 'abs.'

Everything from your pelvic floor up to your shoulders makes up the core of your body.

Let's keep these muscles strong for good posture, coordination and confidence!

Strong tricep muscles (the little muscle opposite your bicep) help stabilize your shoulder and upper body.

They are small but mighty!

Let's strengthen these important muscles with slow (aka: burning) bodyweight exercises.

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Student's Experience

Here's what C+T Students are saying...

I love Katy's teaching style; always encouraging!

Katy offers variables on how to do the exercises, either for optimum results or for those of us who prefer modifications. 

The Burner always includes a warm-up and cool down, which are both so important.

Also, love the length of training; a targeted work out done quickly and efficiently.

- Donna O

Coach Katy’s C+T Burner is worth it!

The exercises were perfect for a beginner in fitness or someone who is more experienced. I guarantee you’ll feel the burn!

The training videos are ready to go first thing in the morning, which is great because you can do them whenever it’s convenient for you.

Plus, Coach Katy is very accessible to answer your questions, help with accountability, or to cheer you on.

- Matt Z

Katy’s workouts are always fun, engaging and just the right amount of tough.

She keeps students engaged through fun music and her positive energy.

I always look forward to pushing myself a little harder with her encouragement!

- Kelly N

Core+Tricep Burner


One-Time Payment

💪 Train for 10 Minutes / 7 Days

💪 Complement Your Current Workout

💪 Feel Accomplished, Confident and Lovely


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Burn with me!

Commit to 10 minutes per day for 7 days to BURN your Core+Triceps

...and feel confident, accomplished and lovely!


Let’s get BURNING! 

Start your 7-Day Core+Tricep Burner right now.  You’ll receive your first 10-minute training inside the course and each day there-after for 6 days.  

Motivation, your Daily Accountability Checklist and a really good BURN are waiting for you! 

Get Burning!