Merry Christmas!

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2022

Wishing my Lovely Day Community a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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September = Consistency

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2022

Hey there! September has arrived! And with it, school routine is back, days are getting shorter and Hobby Lobby already has Christmas decor out (say what!?)! 

But our focus here in the Lovely Day Every Day community is going to be...drumroll please...CONSISTENCY
And to get you started off on the right foot I'm going to suggest that we start being more consistent in celebrating our wins - big and small. 
Here's our simple exercise -and I dare you to actually do it. What harm can it do? None. What good might it do? IDK. You tell me after this month!...
1. Grab a piece of paper or start a new Note in your phone. You need to reference this hard copy or Note throughout the month, so be sure it's something you won't misplace. 
2. Write down one win you achieved in the last week or month. And then really ruminate on it; don't gloss over it! How did it make you feel deep down in your gut to...
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Back to Basics: Hair!

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2022

Hey Lovely Reader!

We're still in our series on the Basics...digging into what basic hair care we can engage in to have great locks!

Shampoo. We all use it (likely). And we all spend way too $ much on it (very likely). So might I suggest Apple Cider Vinegar as a relatively inexpensive way to cleanse and clarify your hair and scalp? Yes! I'm talking about the same ACV you splash in your water, clean your sinks, lower your blood sugar and do so many other things with!

Here's what I've learned as a 1x per week ACV-as-shampoo convert: mix it in a spray bottle about 1:5 (ACV:H2O). Spray it on and leave for a few minutes while you're in the shower. DON'T get it in your eyes (ouchy!). Use your normal conditioner as usual.

So what is so great about ACV? It has naturally occurring anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, won't strip colored hair and as I mentioned earlier, ACV is economical. It can be as low as 14 cents per ounce if you buy the gallon size at Sam's Club or someplace like...

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Back to Basics Pt II

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2022
Summer feels like it's in full swing at my house - with lack of routine at its peak! 
So when things start to feel really wild I've found an easy breathing method that really does calm my nervous system. And it's not woo-woo. I promise. 
I've been doing this while at home, the gym and driving; basically, you can do it anytime, anywhere...
  • Exhale completely
  • Inhale through your nose to a count of 4
  • Hold that breath for a count of 7 
  • Exhale through your mouth for a count of 8 with a slight 'whooshing' sound
Repeat this cycle four times. And don't worry about the speed; the ratio of the counts is what is important
I learned about this method from Dr. Andrew Weil (he's kinda known as the father of integrative and functional medicine).  
This basic breathing exercise activates your parasympathetic nervous system (your ablity to relax) and suppresses your sympathetic nervous system...
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Back to the Basics Pt I

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2022
The last three weeks we learned about the numerous benefits of strength training - some you might have already known and some new ones!
But no matter what kind of work you do at the gym, whether it's strength or conditioning or endurance or anything(!)...the time you put in OUTSIDE of training is just as important. 
What does this mean?! It means the basics are just as important as the actual training: 
Sleep: Quick check - do you get as much sleep as you'd like? want? need? Our bodies really don't recover (at least not well) from a workout if we don't get good, deep sleep. And, our bodies engage in special processes like memory consolidation, muscle repair and toxin removal while we snooze. So sleep is an absolute necessary complement to your training regimen. 
Good Fuel: Decent nutrition after a workout helps rebuild torn muscle and replaces necessary energy in our muscles. Could you get by with junk after working...
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Benefits of Strength Training Pt II

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2022
Last week we touched on some not very often thought of benefits of strength training. Check them out here! 
Today we look at a few more 'common' positives of resistance training - things you might hear about on social media or from the medical community.
Improve Bone Density
Yep, one of the best ways to improve bone density (as to help avoid breaks and fractures!) is to make your bones and muscles work! It's literally the old "use it or lose it" mentality. Use your muscles and bones more...i.e., put more stress on them...they are forced to rebuild stronger than they were. Don't use them and they'll weaken. 
Lose the 'Inner Tube'
As we age an 'inner tube' of excess weight sometimes accumulates around our mid-section -and that can be really unhealthy...leading to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. Scary! Weight lifting (nor any exercise) can spot reduce fat, but strength training CAN help reduce overall body fat percentage. So resistance training can...
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Benefits of Strength Training Pt I

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2022
When you think of strength training's benefits, do you think of increased bone mass and fat loss? ...Most likely - because that is usually what is touted first and foremost by media and the medical field. And, don't get me wrong, these are amazing benefits. But today I'm going to suggest a couple of other enefits you might not have previously considered.
Self Discipline
When you get into the groove of strength training once, twice or maybe three times a week you develop a good amount of self discipline. Because let's be honest, creating a consistent routine in anything takes effort -but doing so around challenging every system in your body is commendable. To clarify, strength (or 'resistance') training is literally the process of breaking down muscle fiber in order for it to be built back up stronger (with the right amount of recovery and nutrition). So next time you plan to strength train, recall that you are engaging in a lot of self discipline by getting yourself to the...
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A Few of My Favorites!

Uncategorized May 26, 2022

Hi! This week I took a quick break from nutrition/wellness/fitness advice to share three of my favorite brands (with zero affiliation or kick-back for me) in hopes you might enjoy them too...

This brand has tea for all sorts of ailments from digestion to detox. I've used their Throat Coat these past few weeks to help restore my scratchy voice! The ingredients Yogi Tea utilizes are organic -and I think it tastes amazing! Yogi Tea is sold at grocery stores and on Amazon.
Static Nails sells Liquid Glass Lacquer polish in a variety of colors. I've found this polish to easily apply and last a decent amount of time. (Their Lacquer website page is currently under!)
Locally owned and operated in Boulder, CO, this supplement and snack company uses organic ingredients that 'prioritize nutrient density.' I can get behind that! They have a variety of supplements (I take the grass-fed organ complex) and convenience-based...
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Time to take action!

Uncategorized May 12, 2022

The past few weeks we've dug into macronutrients and sugar (see posts below!). hope you learned or were reminded of something by that info.  

Today we are going another step further...and that step is the ACTION step.  Why? Because if you don't actually put into practice what you know....well, then, what's the point? 

So today I have two action-oriented reminders for you to carry with you as you work to make solid decisions around your nutrition and fitness. 

Reminder #1:

Nutrition is not all or nothing. For most of us, we live in a rather grey area where we make pretty healthy choices most of the time and then sometimes...choices by convenience or peer pressure or emotion. 

 But let me ask you this: is brushing your teeth an all or nothing experience in your life? Of course brushing your teeth isn't all or nothing. You don't skip a brushing and think, 'oh well...guess I'll wait...

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Sugar Sugar

Today we turn our focus to sugar...and you might have just crinkled your nose because you don't want to hear another health nut (that'd be me) preach about why you should avoid sugar. So, I'm not. 

But I will share a couple of facts about this hyperpalatable stuff that generally, but not always, ends in 'ose'...glucose, sucrose, get the point. And then, YOU can decide whether you want to have that sweet afternoon pick-me-up or maybe something a bit more healthy and satiating.

Here goes...sugar fact for you: 
We don't need added sugar (shocker, righ!? lol). But really, why? Because we are capable of creating the sugar we require from protein and carb sources...oh, hey macronutrients! 

But does this stop us from consuming added sugar? Nope! Pick almost any processed food (including food marketed as 'low sugar') and it likely has some sort of added sugar. 

And prepare yourself for this stat: according to one of my favorite podcasters, Max Lugavere,...

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