HI! I'm Katy...a Mama, Coach and Loveliness Seeker

Join me as I coach you through movement that will challenge you and leave you feeling lovely. JOIN MY LIVE CARDIO BARRE TRAINING, ON DEMAND VIRTUAL TRAINING & NUTRITIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY!

On Demand Fitness

On Demand training includes four 
45 minute trainings distributed over the course of 4 weeks on Saturday mornings.

BF In Real Life

Join me for Barre Training IN PERSON
if you live in the Boulder County area!
We train at 11 MT on Thursday mornings.

Core+Tricep Burner

Carve out 10 minutes per day for
7 days for C+T Burner
...a perfect way to wake up,
get moving on your lunch break or
right after your evening jog. 

Virtual Weekly Nutrition Accountability

Let me hold you accountable so you can reach your fitness and nutrition goals. As your Accountability Coach, I will help you learn how to make your nutrition work for you, not the other way around.

Let's Make Every Day A Lovely Day!

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Join the Lovely Day Club

Why do I seek loveliness every single day? 

Like most of us, I've experienced lovely seasons and not-so-lovely seasons. 

What I learned in the less lovelier times is that you can always find something beautiful and uplifting if you actively pursue them...which is what I do through coaching Cardio Barre Fitness, Strength and Nutrition Accountability. 

Whether you are new to dance fitness or a seasoned professional, I hope you join me on my mission to make every day a lovely day! 

My unique approach to finding loveliness in every day translates to how I coach Cardio Barre, Nutrition Accountability and Strength Training...with compassion. 

As a Certified Personal Trainer I make sure my students are challenged and stay safe - whether you are new to fitness or very experienced.
Additionally, I integrate mobility and functional fitness into all of my trainings to be sure students are well-rounded. 

I also intertwine stories, wisdom and music that drive emotion, but most importantly, passion for my Lovely Day Every Day community.  

My Lovely Day Club is waiting for YOU!

My Lovely Day Club is inspired by students who want to lead healthy and lovely lives. Join now to receive your free On Demand 10 Minute Core Strength Set! Let's stay lovely together! xo, Coach Katy


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